Proudfoot Rolloffs, LLC Rental Agreement

Temporary Dumpster Rental Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:
Proudfoot Rolloffs, LLC is not responsible for damage arising from placement of container on property, including but not limited to pavement, curbing, driveway, lawn, sprinkler system, trees, septic system, branches, sidewalk, and turf underneath path of drop for delivery or pickup.

Proudfoot Rolloffs, LLC is not responsible for personal injury or death, property damage or right-of-way discrepancies. DO NOT CLIMB IN OR ON DUMPSTERS.

Renter agrees to the following:

-To secure all necessary permits, if required

-To provide unobstructed access upon delivery and pickup

-To bear responsibility and liability for all loss or damage to dumpster while on site.

-To provide reasonable care of rented equipment inclusive of collision and fire damage


Usage Restrictions

Unacceptable Items ($200.00 Minimum Fine):
TVs, Electrical Appliances, Devices, Components, etc.
Appliances with Freon







Wet Paint Cans

Unacceptable Items also include EPA-identified and DHEC-identified hazardous wastes including:
Ignitable Waste (Flash point at or below 60 C (140 F); oxidizers)

Corrosive Waste (pH less than or equal to 2, or greater than or equal to 12.5)

Reactive Waste (Unstable or undergoes rapid or violent chemical reaction with water or other material and releases toxic gases)

Toxic Waste (If an extract from the waste is tested and found to contain high concentration of heavy metals or specific organic compounds that could be released into ground water)

ALL Other Hazardous Waste

The EPA and DHEC identify approximately 500 chemicals and hazardous wastes by technical name in four different lists. If the name of the waste material generated by your operation appears in any one of these four lists, you must consider the waste as a hazardous waste. If you need a copy of the listed wastes, contact the hazardous waste manager at 803-777-2839.

The following debris cannot be MIXED within the dumpsters:

Yard Waste

Clean Fill


Costs & Fees

Renter agrees to pay the following costs and fees:

Overweight Fees

Payment of $50.00 per ton for anything over:
1 tons of waste per 10 yd container
2 tons of waste per 15 yd container
3 tons of waste per 20 yd container

Cancellation, Scheduling & Extension Fees
Payment of:

$100.00 cancellation fee for cancellation the day (24 hours) before scheduled delivery

$150.00 cancellation fee for cancellation within one day (less than 24 hours) of scheduled delivery

$50.00 per day for extension of time listed on the invoice

$100.00 for a reschedule of drop off and/or pickup.

Reschedule must be approved by a representative by 10:00 A.M. the day before scheduled drop off.

Other Fees

Payment of:

$75.00 for a dry run

$75.00 (minimum) to relocate dumpster to a new location

$20.00 per day on accounts/ invoices past 7 days


Payment for:

-Costs incurred by Proudfoot Rolloffs, LLC in connection with attempts to collect any late and/or delinquent payment of invoice whether or not litigation is commenced (including bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership proceedings of renter)
-Any loss or damage suffered as a result of renter’s breach of this agreement (including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees and court costs incurred to enforce this agreement)

Service Exception

Renter grants Proudfoot Rolloffs, LLC permission to leave container debris on site under the conditions listed above, as well as those listed herein:

-If dumpster is overloaded or recklessly loaded

-If dumpster contains unacceptable or mixed category items


By signing this agreement, I (the customer) acknowledge that I have read and understand all of the terms and conditions listed.

By signing this agreement, I (the customer) give Proudfoot Rolloffs, LLC the right to charge my credit card for initial payment and any charges as they accrue after initial payment, which includes weight limit overage fees and all other costs and fees mentioned above.

Proudfoot Rolloffs, LLC reserves the right to pick up the dumpster at any time for violation of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement and I authorize Proudfoot Rolloffs, LLC to charge my credit card for any remaining balance.

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